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    We specialize in technology solutions for your mid-size enterprise.

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IT Staffing and Projects Made Easy.

Neetek's mission is to help IT departments of mid-sized enterprises (100 to 1,000 employees) with the constant yet somewhat zany ebb and flow of IT staffing and project needs that arise when a company gets to this size. When a company is at this midrange size they are clearly past the point where they can effectively "boot strap" to keep the lights on, but they don't quite have the resources to cover every single IT practice area in-house. Neetek bridges this gap by means of delivering projects that clients don't have the time or expertise to do, and also by providing desktop/sysadmin/networking staff coverage in the event of inevitable events like vacations and sick leave.

Practice Areas

Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Neetek provides Infrastructure Project Delivery on fixed fee/scope or T&M basis.
Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services and IT Outsourcing on a retainer basis.
IT Support

IT Support

Desktop Support, Windows/Exchange Server Administration, and Network and Telecom Engineering.

A Personalized Approach For Your Business.

When a client signs with Neetek it is usually for a specific scope, but to date all clients have stayed on with us on an as-needed basis, and our scope changes as the client company size and IT department size changes.


Our business model is geared toward continuity and long-term partnerships.

We started out hiring part-time/freelance contractors to fulfill project, but over time developed a business model that is more geared towards continuity and long-term partnership with clients and in turn, the team.

Therefore the team has evolved into permanent salaried employees and 9 years later Neetek is now seven employees with 100+ clients, growing organically along with our clients' growing needs.